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Some people categorize myths as false beliefs or ideas that we should not take seriously. Unfortunately, as many people believe about CBD, there are many misconceptions about its usage and effects on our bodies.  We are all aware that research about CBD is still ongoing, which is why these myths came to life. However, just because it’s still being studied doesn’t

As CBD becomes more well-known, so do myths about it. It is not always the case that these inconsistencies occur when someone is attempting to spread false facts. It’s because the study of CBD is only in its early stages, and scientists are constantly making discoveries, which means that certain things are bound to change. To help clear the air, here

CBD stands for cannabidiol or hemp oil. It is a natural active that is completely safe and legal to consume in Switzerland and many other countries.  And, unlike Marijuana, is almost free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the ingredient that makes you "high". This is why CBD products aren't considered opioids. Key CBD facts: Has several properties that help our well-being: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant,