Top players in the world trust CBD, why wouldn’t you? CBD is completely legal to consume and a perfect fit to improve your golf game. Many amateur golfers and professionals face stress or an emotional roller-coaster during their rounds. Especially after mishits! And that is where CBD can help you… to control your emotions, leave mistakes behind and keep your focus to stay on top of the game.

  • Better concentration & focus in general
  • Staying positive throughout your round
  • Reducing 1st tee nerves and/or finishing with a good scorecard
  • Confidence from the 1st tee to the 18th green
  • A sense of calm throughout the round


Being relaxed during a competition doesn't come by itself. You still have to practise, but CBD can help you relax and keep your mind focused during the round!

Taking CBD on the course isn't about losing control of your game, it's actually the opposite. It can help you regain the control over your game, especially after a bad hit!


As a truly fanatic golf company, PurePure is a proud partner of the Swiss Pro Series which was established back in 2016 with a simple idea to fill the gap in existing professional golf calendar. A truly gender equal sporting event, it allows women and men to compete in the same tournament.

Sleep - Faster & Longer.

"I have struggled with sleep for years. I started using PurePure oil based on advice and I swear by it: after just a few evenings of use, I go to bed and don't worry about rolling forever before falling asleep. And if I wake up during the night, I manage to go back to sleep, even if it's 5AM! This is BIG for me, because before that would be the end of my sleep right there..."

Michal P. Partner in PurePure

Chronic Sport Inflammation

"Athletes fight inflammations on a daily basis, as micro tissue injuries (aka sore muscles) are the main cause of inflammation for every athlete. Inflammation management is therefore key to every athlete who likes to perform at their best. PurePure helps me do exactly that! "

Jack Coey Ultra-Marathon Athlete