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A few years back …

I regularly found myself grabbing handfuls of whatever snack I could get my hands on and calling it lunch or dinner. As I didn’t have the time to cook for myself, I was swapping healthy, nourishing food for convenient food, continuously!

A problem we all feel: we know what we should be eating to take care of ourselves, but we can’t or we don’t – the world puts up more roadblocks than roads. I wanted to do something to change this – that’s why I founded Private DetoxBox, a healthy food delivery service back in 2012.

Alongside a healthy diet, sleep is a major success factor for a balanced lifestyle. But in today’s busy world, we often don’t have the time to get enough sleep to restore our biological batteries as we should, hence our body is out of balance!

True Story – As a fighter of chronic inflammations who also deals with insomnia, let me tell you that I have spent a lot of time, effort & research to find functional treatments to improve my sleep, as well as inflammation!

A story which incited me to build and establish PurePure, a wellness company that provides functional and natural treatments to bring your health to the next level. All our products are Organic & Swiss Made to support your health on a natural & healthy base, so that you can continue doing what you love the most: Living your life to the fullest!

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Welcome to PurePure, an essential and a must-have for everyone who wants to life his life to the fullest!