5 signs of inflammation: redness, heat, swelling, pain and finding it hard to move the affected area of your body normally.
Inflammation is part of body’s natural healing process when blood vessels expand to let more blood flow to the injured tissue. This is why the area gets red and hot.
73% of people know that inflammation is leading cause of pain.

Our muscles and joints regularly deal with pressure and damage, that happen during activities and movements in our everyday life. Body is usually able to start repair automatically, without us even noticing.

A bit of inflammation is actually good for natural healing process, even if you may feel itching or soreness.  Too much inflammation, on the other hand, can hinder the recovery and requires treatment.

CBD has a natural effect on the receptors in our body that mediate a response to the inflammation, which can help reduce the discomfort and dial down the damage to tissues. This is why PurePure CBD products can be a good option for your well-being and best performance!


Taking regular Epson-Salt baths, in addition to local application of PureLotion, is known to help reduce the inflammation.

A juice detox once in a while will help you reduce inflammation since processed food can elevate inflammation levels.

Sleep - Faster & Longer.

"I have struggled with sleep for years. I started using PurePure oil based on advice and I swear by it: after just a few evenings of use, I go to bed and don't worry about rolling forever before falling asleep. And if I wake up during the night, I manage to go back to sleep, even if it's 5AM! This is BIG for me, because before that would be the end of my sleep right there..."

Michal P. Partner in PurePure

Chronic Sport Inflammation

"Athletes fight inflammations on a daily basis, as micro tissue injuries (aka sore muscles) are the main cause of inflammation for every athlete. Inflammation management is therefore key to every athlete who likes to perform at their best. PurePure helps me do exactly that! "

Jack Coey Ultra-Marathon Athlete