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What are the benefits of CBD?

Simple, it helps to ease pain, improves sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, boosts focus and productivity, improves the immune system, reduces inflammation and so much more!
And – unlike its psychoactive cousin THC which you find in Marijuana – CBD is harmless, legal and can’t get you high!

What is CBD exactly?

CBD stands for cannabidiol or hemp oil. And is in comparison to Marijuana almost free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is actually the ingredient which makes you “high”. So, compare to Marijuana, CBD products aren’t an opium and are under very strict legislation. CBD is a natural occurring cannabidiol which is complete safe and legal to consume in Switzerland and many other countries. More can find more key CBD facts here.

How many drops do I need to take?

That depends on the following factors
– like do you like to treat (an informal referral list you can find here)
– product concentration (the higher the percentage the stronger each drop is)
– body weight (lighter people may feel the same effects with a lower dose)
– desired effects (someone with chronic pain or severe anxiety may need a higher dose)
– tolerance (CBD consumers may develop a tolerance over time).
In general you start with 20 mg per day and increase your dosage from that level.

How long does it take unitl I see first benefits?

It’s proven that it takes between minutes and hours, or differently said until it gets proper into your system. Oils take between 30 to 60 minutes whereas lotions start slow, but will last longer.
In some cases, it can be that you need an adaption phase to get used to the MCT oil. After 3-5 days this is completed and you will start to see the full benefits of our CBD oils.

Is hemp/CBD legal?

Yes, it is in Switzerland & Liechtenstein and many other European countries. But before you travel, kindly refer to our global overview and check with local customes to be on the safe side.

How do I take my drops?

You take some drops on your tongue about a good hour before you like to see its effect. If you take it inconjunction with our Private DetoxBox juices, you have to count a good 90 minutes until it is in your system.

What are the benefits of the PureLotion?

One of the most popular methods to consume CBD on the market are CBD topicals, which offer the same healing power as CBD oils, but you do not have to ingest them; you can instead absorb through the skin!
CBD lotions absorb through the skin and can provide a faster form of pain relief than CBD treatments that are ingested. As a lotion, they also act as a moisturiser, helping to keep the skin healthy in a way that is only possible with localised CBD treatments.
Another benefit is that lotions, like our PureLotion, have zero THC, which makes it optimal for people who have regular doping controls. Read more about our pain-killer here.

What are the CBD oil ingredients?

Our CBD oils are made out of 100% organic, Swiss MCT oil  (based on coconut oil) and hemp extract (Cannabis Sativa L.).

Can you take CBD as Athlete?

Yes, we have therefore created our Athlete product line (white labels) which are free of THC and are optimal, if you have doping controls. CBD is allowed in and out competion by the WADA, as our oils not from hemp and not cannabis plants, a very important fact! Read more about the benefits for Athletes here.

What is the difference between the Premium & Athlete CBD oils?

The Premium oils contain a little amount of THC which is still legally conform, as it is below 1%. Note, that to 98% THC isn’t therfore shown in any doping tests, but to be on the 100% safe side, we created our Athlete oils, which are completely free of THC!

Welcome to PurePure, an essential and a must-have for everyone who wants to life his life to the fullest!