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Tips To Relax In A Stressful Workplace

Everyone who works can relate to experiencing a stressful workplace. You or someone you know might be experiencing this as we speak. One of the hardest to deal with is the stress you get from your workplace, and it may be from your superiors, colleagues, or your unreasonable workloads.

Furthermore, stress can lead to many health issues if not managed properly, but luckily you can find ways to manage it. Stress management is a skill that everyone needs at one time or another. The following are some of the tips that will help you manage the stress at your workplace.

What Do You Mean By Stressful Workplace?

A stressful workplace means that the workplace is at risk of being negative with the team’s interactions. Therefore, we want to avoid it at all costs because it consumes more energy than off-working your task. However, according to American Psychological Association, stress is a normal part of life, and it can happen anywhere and anytime. 

Also, you may find yourself feeling a combination of fatigue, frustration, and anger with the dire situation. All these stress reactions happen because when we feel stressed as humans, we react in the same way that our brain reacts when it is under pressure (Eckfeldt et al., 2006). Here are some of the ways you can relax in a stressful workplace.

Talk To Someone

Try to communicate to someone you genuinely trust about the stress you’re going through and do it before it gets out of hand. If you need to vent your feelings and thoughts, do not hesitate to talk with someone. It is not easy talking about a stressful workplace because it might sound like you’re complaining instead of being helpful but don’t worry about that because the other party will not judge you for what they’re hearing.

Take A Break

If you feel like suffocating from all the stresses from your workplace, then get up and take a break for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Taking a break from your work for just a couple of minutes will help you relax amidst the chaos. In addition, it will help you manage your time better.

If a small amount of work you have been doing for many hours has been giving you stress, divide it into chunks with breaks. If this requires writing things down, then it is ok to do so. 

Just be careful not to leave any unfinished tasks on your desk or anywhere else, for that matter. These can be done again when you are back at work. So, take a break and get back in the office refreshed and ready to tackle more tasks or continue working on one task after another without being interrupted by anything else.

Listen To Music

By far, the most known way to relax is to listen to your favorite songs. There’s something about music that relieves you from anything that bothers you. It’s a mini escape from your thoughts. Music is a great way to silence the voice in your head too. For some people, music makes them forget all the stress they’re experiencing. Also, it is a great way to soften the atmosphere within your office too. 

Avoid Multitasking

Some people find multitasking as an excellent way to work. However, doing such a thing contributes to your stress. In a stressful work environment, you should avoid multitasking and focus on the tasks at hand. It will help you stay focused on your job while ensuring that it doesn’t cause any potential harm to your body. 

Make Use Of Stress Ball

Squeezing the ball relieves tension and helps to relieve stress. Stress balls come in various shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can find one that is both aesthetically pleasing to your eye and easy for your hand to grip. 

Furthermore, some people may find giving themselves a foot massage infinitely more gratifying than prodding their palm with what looks like a little bouncy red rubber ball. But, squeezing a stress ball while being stress in your workplace is realistically one of the things you can do in an instant. 

Get Up And Move

If you cannot squeeze the stress ball because of a tight work schedule, get up and move around. Walking to the restroom is the absolute best way to get a breather. Stretch out your arms and legs using something comfortable for both. Some people find that walking away from their desks helps them relax as well. 

Also, if you feel like you’re in too much of a rush, then you might want to take a break from work today and do some things that make you happy for a while. You can take time in your lunch breaks or during the evening hours after everyone has left the office for home.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing exercises are essential for a well-functioning mind. It helps to de-stress and maintain a healthy state of mind. Although intense emotions can surface during stressful times, especially when working in the business world, it is essential to practice deep breathing exercises to keep your emotions and stress levels under control. 

Furthermore, it keeps the mind functioning smoothly to prevent a workplace meltdown. Also, it helps make any task completed much more productive and efficient. Finally, it enables you to access your problem-solving capabilities by enhancing awareness levels.

Find A Comfortable Spot

Physical discomfort, typically tied to where you perform most of your daily responsibilities, is another surprising source of workplace stress. If you can identify the source of your physical discomfort- be it a hard chair, desk, computer monitor or keyboard, sticky floors, or stubborn air conditioning – and correct the issue, your mental state will surely improve.

Furthermore, never forget that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So, if some things, in particular, are causing you undue stress daily (a heavy workload, too much overtime), talk to someone else about them — whether it be a supervisor at work or even an outside counselor — and see what options are available to fix the problem.


Finding a way to relax amid stress is quite complex, yet one of the best feelings you can ever experience. It’s best that you begin your day with forethought, adequate nourishment, and a happy mindset. By doing so, you may discover that the stress of your job is easier to bear.

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