How To Feel Better in Your Own Body?

“I feel good about myself,” have you ever say that to yourself? How can you feel better solely about your existence, about yourself? When it comes to fostering body acceptance, it’s easier said than done. It’s not easy to change how you look about yourself when you’ve spent a lot of your life tearing yourself down or comparing yourself to others.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of possible reasons why you said it to yourself, and why not. The following are things that you can do to feel better towards your body and yourself. 

Self Appreciation

There’s no truth behind the concept that self-appreciation or self-love is selfish. The fact is being able to love yourself without boundaries is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. 

It is about understanding that loving oneself entails loving others as well. The kind that is freely accessible to you and is genuine, pure, and accurate. It’s magical because you made it for your good and the benefit of everyone you want to benefit from it.

Furthermore, it means you respect and appreciates yourself enough to form habits that nourish your soul and help you develop. Self-love is shown by what we feed ourselves, what we want to say or think about ourselves, and forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes.

A person who lacks self-appreciation and self-love will always be hateful towards themselves no matter what they do.

Stop Comparing Yourself Towards Other

Most of us have done this every once in a while. When we compare ourselves to other people, we tend to build insecurities in ourselves. These insecurities will soon enough become the source of hate towards our existence.

Don’t waste your time and feelings hoping to be one of the models in photos of flawless bodies. Find pictures of you at your best, not anyone else’s best, if you’re looking for visual inspiration.

When we compare ourselves to others, we always contrast their best qualities with our own. It’s like trying to write a letter with your left hand if you’re right-handed. We instinctively want to be better than them, but the knowledge that we aren’t also led to self-destructive behavior.

Try accepting that everyone is unique and special in their ways, and that includes you. Instead of focusing on what other people have, think about what you have and enjoy it. Your most significant competitor is yourself.

Embrace your Flaws

Accepting that you are not perfect will allow you to start being more true to yourself if you can embrace your weaknesses. It enables you to love yourself more. The beauty of learning to recognize your shortcomings is that it relieves the need to please others or to compare yourself to others constantly.

In a broader sense, you’re framing your truth with more accuracy and less reliance on a false sense of self. As a result, you are less likely to be crushed or broken when things go wrong because you calculate life challenges with perspective rather than fear or confusion.

Furthermore, you won’t be as vulnerable to other people’s judgments, actions, or perceptions about you if you learn to recognize your weaknesses. Nobody will make fun of you or hold it against you. You accept that you are human, still learning, and have a long way to go.

Focus on Being Positive

Learn to let go of negative feelings about your body and instead concentrate on the benefits it provides you daily. Create a daily list of your achievements and appreciation instead of obsessing about not having lost those five pounds or not fitting into that dress.

When we dwell on what we don’t have or what we haven’t done, we become depressed and ready to give up, just as in the rest of life. Instead, listing your accomplishments focuses your attention on what is going well, motivating you to do more.

For example, when you first started your journey towards being healthy and fit, maybe you couldn’t do a single curl-up when you first started, but now you can do ten. There is no achievement too small to be thankful for because it has gotten you one step closer to your goal. There’s no reason to give up now because you can’t struggle with this mentality.

Prioritize Being Healthy

Instead of focusing on your physical attributes and achieving a perfect body, concentrate on how healthy makes you feel and what it provides. You’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment and be more motivated to remain on track. You’ll also start to lose empathy for how unhealthily you think as a result of your decisions.

What it means by prioritizing your health does not only implies to doing regular exercises. It also means you have to make sure you eat nutritious and well-balanced meals. It would help if you also redefine diet and exercise as something you do for yourself rather than as a way to punish yourself for making poor choices. 

Participate In an Activity That Your Body Likes

Make it a daily routine to do something healthy for your body. Perhaps it’s as simple as devoting a few minutes to giving yourself a hand massage. Maybe it’s putting on your coziest, softest shirt and wearing them around the building. Perhaps it’s applying a hydrating face mask or putting on a full face of makeup simply because it makes you feel amazing.

It’s all about teaching the brain to connect good emotions with your body. Showering your body with love can become a routine, and it will feel normal and instinctive over time.


As mentioned before, feeling good about your body is a gift that everyone should receive. However, to accept that gift, one should learn how to give importance to every bit of your life. 

Furthermore, a person who has doubts and insecurities about themselves will never be satisfied with how they look no matter what they do about their bodies. Discover various self-care methods and discover what makes you feel happy and healthy — in your mind, body, and soul.

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